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  • Angélique Brugger

Trainingscamp in Sète

To make the finishing touches, before the Swiss Championships, we travelled to Sète in France. Approximately 1h 45min from Montelimar on the Mediterranean Sea. Even before we left, we saw the storm warnings and the risk of flooding in the area. However, this did not stop us. In very stormy weather, we arrived in our Airbnb. Small but fine, the kitchen was not very large, so we had to put our culinary needs aside a bit. The indoor pool is a free and indoor pool at the same time. So it would be, unfortunately the technique didn't really work, so only the trainers were dry and we were in the rain. But they were already wet anyway. :) The supervisors and the other teams were very friendly and very helpful. However, we were mostly alone in the 50m pool, because the weather was really miserable. Nevertheless, we sometimes treated ourselves to a coffee on the beach and enjoyed the sea a bit.

Now it's time to repack home and later to the Swiss Championships in Uster. Which will take place from 03.23.-27.03. in the indoor pool Buchholz.

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