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  • Angélique Brugger

Championnats de France Elite Hiver 2021

This weekend from 12/9/12/2021 I will start for my French club (Montélimar Nautique Club) at the French Championships in Montpellier. This time I'm starting over 50m & 100 m butterfly, as well as 50 freestyle. You can view the results live on

Update 12/09/2021: After a good hour's drive, we arrived in Montpellier. Our Airbnb has a view of the sea, which transports me back to summer, although it is more reminiscent of winter outside, with 5-10 degrees. We used the afternoon well and looked at the centre. A detour to Starbucks could not be missing ;)

Update 12/10/2021 : After we still had to worry about the negative PCR test results last night. Which we finally got at 22:00, the morning could start well. Around 8:00 we drove to the indoor pool. Until 10:00 we had time to warm up in the water. Although I didn't feel sensational. I already swam at 10:03 in the 4th run. I finished my run with 27.75s on 50m butterfly. Unfortunately, it was not enough for an A-final, but I was the first to finish the B-final in the afternoon with 27.65s. Tomorrow we continue with 50 freestyle...

Update: 11.12.2021

Although I was able to qualify for the B-final over 50 freestyle, I still had to swim in the C-final, as I am one of the foreigners and only 1 foreigner is allowed in the final. In the morning I swam 26.22s and in the final 26.11s. This is a new best time for me.

Update: 12.12.2021

I finished the last day of the championships with a 100m butterfly. In the morning I was already able to finish with a new best time 1.03.10 in the morning. In the afternoon, unfortunately, I no longer swam a new best time and ended my competition with a time of 1.03.36'

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