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  • Angélique Brugger

Competition in Bordeaux

42. Grand Prix Jean-Boiteux With the first plane in the morning at 7 we flew from Marseille to Bordeaux.

In the afternoon I also had to swim 50m butterfly to qualify for Saturday in the final. I qualified first in the final with 27.56s. Over the three days we rented an AirBnB... or should I say half a museum. Madame Odile welcomed us warmly, even though she was a bit trapped in her own world. She showed us her apartment in the centre of Bordeaux, which has been in her possession for a long time. She proudly presented us with her painting of many apples. I think she was quite fond of apples when she was still an enthusiastic artist. She had also rejected us the morning after the flight, as she had not yet finished cleaning and took a whole 6 more hours for it. For this you have to say, it was quite clean.

The next day it continued. I swam 200m freestyle and 50m freestyle in advance. Here, too, I was able to qualify for both finals. In the afternoon, I first swam the 50m butterfly that I was able to win. I renounced the 200m freestyle and wanted to set up a new best time on 50m freestyle... with a time of 26.13s I was, then just over. I was still able to win the race. Now we went back to our private art museum. And I made the discovery of the toilets that didn't really fit the rest of the apartment. The walls were full and skulls were everywhere, even mediaeval underpants could not be missing, of course. Pretty crazy. On Sunday I swam 100m butterfly and 100m freestyle, here too I qualify for both finals. And was able to improve my best time on 100m dolphin to 1:02:82. After the 100 freestyle final, however, we had to hurry up quite a bit...because the train drove 20 minutes after the end of my final. I did a real triathlon, first I had to cancel at the rank announcement, so I ran 2 times around the whole indoor pool... and then we had to rent bicycles, because Carnival was in Bordeaux and a taxi would no longer have been enough. With still wet hair and the pulse that hasn't come down since the race, I was on this CityBike and pedalled through Bordeaux. The GPS then also gave up the ghost halfway, as it was run over by a car. But we did it... we are sitting on the train. It is still about 2 hours until we arrive in Nimes.

A nice exciting weekend, I imagined it differently. Unfortunately, you can't always plan everything and things happen as they happen.

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