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  • Angélique Brugger

Kurzbahn-Schweizermeisterschaften in Sion 2022

The first time I swam with the club Genève Natation. I was a bit nervous, but was very well received in the new team. The team change came at the right time and I feel in good hands with the new team. My races were all good. And I could get gold over 50m freestyle and 50m butterfly. In addition, I became 3rd over 100m butterfly, 2nd over 100m freestyle and 4th over 200m freestyle. The competition was well organised and everything went according to plan. Until we came to the relay. However, there was a small problem with the inscriptions for the 4x 50m freestyle, which is why we had to swim in advance (slower runs). Nevertheless, we had a good time and only had to wait the end of the main runs to celebrate our victory. In the relay, we were able to get 2x gold despite everything. I look forward to all further competitions with Genève Natation 1885.

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