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  • Angélique Brugger

Short Course Swiss Championship Sursee 2021

The short course Swiss Championship took place this year at Campus Sursee from 11/19/2021-21. My program included 50m & 100m freestyle, as well as 50m & 100m butterfly and 50m back. I was able to qualify for all my races in the preliminary rounds in the A-finals.

However, I cancelled the 50m back final because the finals were too short in a row. I was able to get a podium place over 50m butterfly, 50m & 100m freestyle, as well as in the relays with my team Lausanne Natation. A World Cup limit was 50m freestyle with 25.03 s in the relay. Unfortunately, I have to do without my starting place, as there were already two faster swimmers.

With 100% personal bests, I have completed this championship and am quite satisfied, even a little proud. It shows me that I am on the right track after all the changes and new decisions. Now it goes on. I will stay in Switzerland for another week and train.

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