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  • Angélique Brugger

The new year starts with a training camp in Switzerland

We have decided to spend a few weeks in heart Switzerland to benefit from the winter weather and the cross-country trails, as well as from the indoor pools in the area. During the next 3 weeks, I will switch from cross-country skis to bathing dress and back to sports dresses to get back into shape after the short Christmas break. Cross-country training will include various trainings, as well as, for example, long endurance training or interval. This should benefit me later for my training in the water. In the pool I am currently swimming around 4km per training, which is associated with a lot of technical training, but also hard training sets are on the program. In addition to strength training is not to be forgotten. In addition to the usual pull-ups, dips and core exercises, I naturally skip the legs. With a few jumping and balancing exercises, I improve my bounce and thus my turns in the water. For more updates, come back later.

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