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  • Angélique Brugger

Two weeks Spain

Back from our trip, here is a small review of the past two weeks.

We started the training camp in Matarò, where we could train right in front of the sea in a 50m pool.

Our Airbnb was in the heart of the small town and it took us 10 minutes to walk to the pool. Our path led past numerous titbits, in which we also became weak from time to time. I especially liked the stuffed croissants.

With sunny and warm days we were able to end the first week. Then it went 15 minutes further north to Calella.

Here we spent another week with the Montelimar team. It was a lot colder than the week before. And we packed well in parkas. Thank God it had heat lamps at the edge of the pool. Thus, we could warm up in the morning without freezing. Of course, the strength training could not be missing, as well as a little Pilates. We amused and with all the exercises of yoga and Pilates and set ourselves goals. I still have to work a little on my headstand, but I see progress. My favourite after training was clearly the warm shower, because even if the water was heated, the air outside was quite cold.

On Saturday we then travelled back to France and arrived after just under 4 hours. Next weekend it will continue to make Bordeaux for a competition.

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